AFRICAN JUDO CHAMPIONSHIPS 2023 IN CASABLANCA:The national anthems did not sound during the medal ceremony. The AJU in solidarity with the victims of the earthquake and the Moroccan people.

This third day of competition was marked by this terrible earthquake which left nearly a thousand dead and several injured. No celebration as a sign of solidarity with the Moroccan people.

A competition that took place in sobriety and respect for the three days of national mourning. The judokas entered in -78 kg and +78kg for girls and in -90kg, -100kg and +100kg competed on the tatami of the Mohammed V sports hall. In the -78kg, the Guinean BRANSER Marie won the gold medal. She beats the Cameroonian DJENGUE MOUNE Georgika Wesly in the final. It is SOPPI MBE MZOUGUI SarraLLA Richelle Anita who wins this category of +78kg. She defeated the Tunisian MZOUGUI Sarra. In the -90kg category ELRAMLY Omar from Egypt won the gold medal by beating Senegalese DIAO Abderahmane in the final. The Algerian BOUAMAR Mustapha Yasser dominated the -100kg category by flying over this category and beating the Senegalese NDIAYE Libasse in the final. And in the heavyweight category, in +100kg, the Senegalese NDIAYE Mbagnick beat MANE Bubacar (GBS). In the medal table, Egypt is in the lead with 3 gold medals, 2 silver and 3 bronze medals. It is followed by Algeria which won 3 gold medals, one silver medal and one bronze. In third position, Morocco, with two gold medals, 3 silver and 4 bronze. Tunisia finished fourth with 2 gold and 7 bronze medals and Guinea with 2 gold medals.

-78Kg Women 1 BRANSER Marie (GUI) 2 DJENGUE MOUNE Georgika Wesly (CMR) 3 NIRAGIRA Ange Ciella (BDI) 3 AKKAB Arij (TUN)
+78kg Women 1 MZOUGUI Sarra (TUN) 2 SOPPI MBELLA Richelle (CMR) 3 DURHONE Tracy (MRI) 3 SAGNA Monica (SEN)
-100kg Men 1 BOUAMAR Mustapha Yasser (ALG) 2 NDIAYE Libasse (SEN) 3 BEN GHARES Koussay (TUN) 3 FAYAD Ahmed (EGY)
-90kg Men 1 ELRAMLY Omar (EGY) 2 DIAO Abderahmane (SEN) 3 FEUILLET Remi (MRI) 3 DACOSTA Ryan (SEN)
+100kg Men 1 NDIAYE Mbagnick (SEN) 2 MANE Bubacar (GBS) 3 LILI Mohamed El Mehdi (ALG) 3 LAHBOUB Mohammed (MAR)

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