Official opening ceremony of the 44th African Judo Championships 2023 in Casablanca, Morocco.

The President of the Royal Moroccan Judo Federation, Mr. Chafik El Kettani and Mohamed Meridja, Vice-President of the African Judo Union officially open the 44th African Judo Championships 2023 in Casablanca, Morocco.
Mr. Mohamed Meridja et Mr. Chafik El Kettani

The Mohammed V sports complex in Casablanca hosted a distinguished audience during the opening ceremony, where guests gathered for the Judo African Championships. The event commenced with a rendition of the national anthem of Morocco, performed by the esteemed musical company of the Royal Navy. Mr. Chafik El Kettani, the President of the Royal Moroccan Judo Federation, warmly welcomed all attendees and participants, expressing gratitude for their presence at this significant occasion.

The president of the Royal Maroccan Judo Federation, M. Chafik El Kettani
The music company of the Royal Marine

In a momentous occasion, M. Mohamed Meridja, Vice-President of the African Judo Union, officially inaugurated the 44th African Judo Championships 2023 in the bustling city of Casablanca, Morocco. Addressing the audience, Mr. Meridja commended the unwavering dedication of the Royal Moroccan Judo Federation in orchestrating a series of successful events, including the congress, the grand gala commemorating the AJU's 60th anniversary, and the highly anticipated Judo Africa championships. Filled with gratitude, he warmly acknowledged the exceptional hospitality extended by the organizers. Underlining the profound impact of judo, Mr. Meridja emphasized its significance beyond a mere sport, but also as a catalyst for education and social upliftment, fostering camaraderie and mutual understanding. Looking to the future, he expressed his fervent hope that the lasting legacy left behind by this prestigious competition would inspire young Moroccans to embrace the practice of judo and champion its values. These values, he noted, play an instrumental role in nurturing active citizenship and establishing a framework of civic ethics. In its journey through Morocco, the 44th African Judo Championships have not only symbolized a celebration of sporting excellence, but also a testament to the profound impact judo can have on society. Guided by their inspiring experiences, it is with great optimism that the organizing committee looks ahead, envisioning a future that brims with talented Moroccan judokas, united in their commitment to promoting the values that judo stands for.

M.Mohamed Meridja, 1st vice-president of the African Judo Union

This ceremony was also marked by the presentation of the 7th Dan to Mr. Habib Sissoko and Mr. Skander Hachicha. Mr. Habib Sissoko, who received the 7th Dan from the IJF, has devoted a large part of his life to the practice and promotion of judo. He has shown an immense sense of leadership as president of the Malian Judo Federation and has held important positions, including vice-president and president of the African Judo Union. He is currently the Honorary President of the AJU. This recognition is testimony to his commitment and contribution to sport.

Mr. Habib Sissoko

Mr. Skander Hachicha, a distinguished judoka who has shown exceptional skill and dedication throughout his career in judo. Mr. Hachicha who was vice-president of the AJU is currently the director of development of the AJU. This 7th Dan of the AJU is a recognition for his exceptional achievements and his tireless efforts to promote and develop judo on the African continent.

Mr. Skander Hachicha

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