Grand Slam Dushanbe – Tajikistan: Amina Belkaji (-63kg) won the bronze medal. She is the guest of the IJF's ''Golden Score'' set

For the first time in the history of African and Algerian judo, the GOLDEN SCORE program of the International Judo Federation invited athlete Amina Belkadi on the sidelines of the Grand Slam Dushanbe – Tajikistan 2024 after she won the medal of bronze in the -63kg.

During the final, the Algerian Amina BELKADI won a bronze medal ahead of the Spaniard Cristina CABANA PEREZ in the -63 kg category at the Grand Slam in Dushanbe. This performance is a source of great pride for Africa.The judokate had already won her fight during the repechage against Kamila Badurova (neutral individual athlete) by Waza-ari during this second day of competition.

In the second round, she beat the German Agatha SCHMIDT. The latter led by a waza-ari but Belkadi won the fight when his opponent performed a hansoku-make during the golden score.

In the first round, the Algerian beat the Japanese Seiko WATANABE by hansoku-make

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