African Judo Championships 2023 in Morroco: Algeria wins the team final

A hotly contested final between Morocco and Algeria during this mixed team competition. This game aroused strong emotions. Algeria is the 2023 African team champion.

This mixed team competition was very competitive. The countries which reached the podium are Algeria in gold, Morocco in silver, Cameroon and Angola in Bronze. Senegal and Tunisia rank 5th and Mauritius takes 7th place. The final aroused intense emotions in the Mohammed V hall in Casablanca. The two teams, unwilling to admit defeat, threw themselves into an intense battle to the point of total exhaustion during the 'golden time'. The determination was present in both camps to make the fights even more impactful until the last second. Morocco will not be unworthy but Algeria wins the final by beating Morocco with a very close score of 4-3.

Seven nations participated in these 2023 African Mixed Team Judo Championships in Morocco. 78 competitors divided into six categories competed. For girls in –57, -70 and +70 kg. For men in –73, -90 and +90 kg and girls in –57,-70, +70kg. The countries which participated in this competition are: Algeria, Angola, Cameroon, Mauritius, Senegal, Tunisia and the host country, Morocco. Algeria beat Angola in the quarter-final and Cameroon was beaten by Tunisia. Tunisia, winner in the quarter against Cameroon, lost in the semi-finals against the Moroccans. Senegal showed itself stronger than the Mauritians in the quarter and Angola who beat Mauritius during the repechage and Algeria who after beating the Tunisians in the quarter showed themselves stronger than the Senegalese by winning in the semi-finals. Cameroon and Angola are in bronze on the African podium. The two semi-finals pitted Morocco against Tunisia and Algeria against Senegal. And during the grand final between Morocco and Algeria, the Algerians took the upper hand 4-3. A victory snatched to the wire.

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