Let's Celebrate Africa

Participating in the World Championships is the dream of millions of our young judoka across the continent. Being able to say one day, 'I was in Budapest in 2021 and I really did everything not to leave with regrets' is important in the lives of our athletes and we are proud of their journey, whatever it is. The important thing is not to participate, but to do so by giving the best of yourself.
Round 2 GALBADRAKH (KAZ) vs MORAND (MRI), -48 kg

On the first day we had seven competitors, on the second day of competition that number rose to 15.

-48kg Geronay WHITEBOOI (RSA) Priscilla MORAND (MRI) Oumaima BEDIOUI (TUN) Aziza CHAKIR (MAR)

-60kg Issam BASSOU (MAR) Alexandre DE BARROS E SILVA (CPV) Younes SADDIKI (MAR)

Round 3 KHYAR (FRA) vs BASSOU (MAR), -60 kg

-52kg IRAOUI, Soumiya (MAR) CESAR, Taciana (GBS) SILVA, Djamila (CPV) FERREIRA, Jacira (MOZ) GRIESEL, Charne (RSA)

-66kg ABELRAHMAN, Ahmed (EGY) ALHASSANE, Ismael (NIG) BASSOU, Imad (MAR) OLYMPIO, Adebayo Frederic (TOG) EZZINE, Wail (ALG) CESAR, Diogo (GBS) BOUSHITA, Abderrahmane (MAR) MUNGANDU, Steven (ZAM) ABDELMAWGOUD, Mohamed (EGY) KAIRABI, John Nderitu (KEN)

CHAKIR Aziza, Morocco

By definition, top-level sport is elitist. This does not mean that it is reserved for a group of people chosen on relative and subjective criteria. Quite the contrary, of course. All our African athletes present in Hungary during the week are here, because they have proven in recent months that they have the right stuff.

So no, not all will be world champions at the end of the day, not all will have a nice medal around their necks, although we have good podium hopes as the championship unfolds. What is certain is that all our athletes will be able to say: I was there, I saw it, I did it and just for that we can thank them for their total commitment.

In the months and years to come, the AJU will focus on helping countries and setting up structures that will gradually allow our judoka to shine even more. It is their dream and it is also ours. We want to celebrate Africa and we will do it more and more.