Kata & Veteran World Championships Cancun 2018-Honorable performance of the Algerian Team

Kata & Veteran World Championships 2018 from 15 th to 16th October in Cancun, Mexico. Participation of Judokas from 5 continents, 22 countries and 172 competitors (133 MEN- 39 WOMEN). Africa was represented by only one team, the Algerians made us proud by their honorable performance.

The Algerian team made us proud even if they didn’t win a medal. The Algerian duo engaged in the World Kata Championships 2018 in Kime No Kata produced a good and honorable performance and they behave well in front of the experts in the subject. The couple of Japanese won the KIME NO KATA competition with 556.5 points.


1.TAKEISHI Kenji-UEMATSU Koji (JAP) (556.5)

2. JEUFFROY Michel-JEUFFROY Laurent (FRA) ( 524.5)

3. VICENS SIQUIER Miquel angel-VICENS SIQUIER Antoni (ESP) (514.0)

4. MORONTA PENA David-LOPEZ PRADO Alberto (ESP) (508.0)

5. DE ARAUJO Rone-DE ARAUJO Victor Henrique (BRA) (496.0)

6. CAPRIOTTI Lisa-GOUTHRO Robert (USA) (494.0)

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