The International Judo Federation host the eighth edition of the WorldJudoDay on 28 October with FRIENDSHIP selected as this year’s theme. Previous themes were COURAGE (2017), UNITY (2016), HONOUR (2014), PERSEVERANCE (2013), JUDO FOR ALL (2012) and RESPECT (2011) for the day which is dedicated to coaches, fans, judoka and everyone with a passion for one of the world’s most widely practised sports.

The World Judo Day takes place on the same day every year as the 28th of October is the birthday of Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo. The theme FRIENDSHIP was the most popular selection for the global celebration which has become a key day on the international judo calendar. Today more than 20 million people practice judo around the world on a daily basis. The President of the International Judo Federation (IJF), Marius Viber said, « The judo family has made an excellent choice by selecting Friendship as the theme this year. Friendship is the value which the world needs the most at the moment ».

The World Judo Day is our showcase of the sport’s values and our spirit as Judi is more than a sport. Judo is an educational tool that can help to live together and to respect one another. The objective is to increase the number of judo players around the world and to help change people’s live with the power of Judo.

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