Day 1 Results : 39th African Judo Championship 2018 in Tunisia

The first day of competition began very quietly with the Nage-No-Kata Championships and progressively became louder as the day continued over to judo with three men categories (-90/-100/+100) and three women categories (-70/-78/+78). The fights were breathtaking and of high level. The participants fought with a lot of courage to honour judo and their countries.

The African Judo Kata Competition NAGE NO KATA

The 8th African Championships of Judo Kata has started on the 12th of April 2018 in the hall of El Menzeh in Tunis. The competition began with the " NAGE NO KATA" with the participation of six couples representing 5 countries ( Egypt-Tunisia-South Africa-Madagascar-Algeria. Tunisia was represented by two teams. The competition was presided by six judges represented by Senegal-Egypt-Algeria-South Africa-Tunisia and Italy. The judges acclaimed Egypt in the first place followed by Tunisia in the second and third place.

Egypt the gold winner had the privilege to demonstrate before the final block today.

Final Results Nage-No-Kata

1. HALOUL Ahmed - ALHARON Mohamed EGY

2. AMRI Amira - Ben Salah SALIM TUN

3. JBELI Ayed - HMIDI Issam TUN


7 judokas in this group. Assmaa Niang from Morocco did not have an easy task for the final against her opponent, the Algerian Souad Bellakehal. But Niang was the best performer in this category for the day having won the gold medal in the African Championship in Madagascar. She renewed her victory today while sheaccentuated her domination in that category. She showed a very good performance during the world championship in Budapest last year.

-70 kg
1. NIANG, Assmaa (MAR)
3. AGONO WORA, Karene (GAB)
5. KABORE, Aguirata (BUR)
5. SONKO, Khadija (SEN)


The Algerian Kaouthar Ouallal has been able to secure his title in beating Sarra Mzougui from Tunisia. The two players were taken in an intense fight to win the gold medal. Finally the Algerian girl won the title. The category regroup 7 participants.

-78 kg
1. OUALLAL, Kaouthar (ALG)
2. MZOUGUI, Sarra (TUN)
3. HAMED, Alaa (EGY)
3. SNYMAN, Unelle (RSA)
5. CHAKIR, Fatima Zahra (MAR)
5. MAZOUZ, Sarah Myriam (GAB)

+ 78

In this category Sonia asselah from Algeria lost her title against Nihel Cheikh Rouhou from Tunisia. The two players were engaged in the fight and were giving their best to win the gold medal. Its during the golden score that Nihel Cheihk was able to rule on her opponent. 9 players in this category.

+78 kg
2. ASSELAH, Sonia (ALG)
3. MBALLA ATANGANA, Hortence Vanessa (CMR)
3. SAGNA, Monica (SEN)
5. SHAFIK, Kariman (EGY)
5. TRABELSI, Sahar (TUN)


Algeria won the gold medal with Abderrahmane Benamadi. The latter beat his opponent the Tunisian Oussama Mahmoud Snoussi which holds the title since last year in Madagascar during the African Championship. He came over his opponent during the golden score. The two players know each other very well. They came across on the tatamis several times.

-90 kg
1. BENAMADI, Abderrahmane (ALG)
2. SNOUSSI, Oussama Mahmoud (TUN)
3. HAZEM, Ali (EGY)
3. LE BEAU, Eyale (COD)
5. AHIAVOR, Victor (GHA)
5. TRAORE, Boubacar Sidiki (MLI)


Egypt wins this Category with Darwish ramadan. He took his revenge on Lyes Bouyacoub, the Algerian who beat him last year in Madagascar during the African Championship. The two players were engaged into a tremendous fight.

-100 kg
1. DARWISH, Ramadan (EGY)
3. BELHIMER, Billel (ALG)
5. ADONIS, Hansley (MRI)
5. KOBENA, Koffi Kreme (CIV)

+ 100

The Tunisian Faicel Jaballah won the title in this category in beating The senegal Mbagnick Ndiaye. The Tunisian had shown more determination and was the best in this heavy weight category consisted of 11 players.

+100 kg

1. JABALLAH, Faicel (TUN)

2. NDIAYE, Mbagnick (SEN)

3. ABDALLAOUI, Mustapha (MAR)

3. TAYEB, Mohammed Amine (ALG) ...

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